Banglarbhumi West Bengal : Check Land Record, PLot Information, etc

Banglarbhumi | Banglar bhumi | Bangla bhumi | Hello, Readers. If you are searching the land record of West Bengal, then you came to the right place. Land and Land Reforms, Refugee Relief and Rehabilitation Department of West Bengal has launched Banglarbhumi Portal for checking property details. Today we will tell you how to check your land records in West Bengal, how to apply for a Record of Rights through West Bengal e-District Portal, etc. Also, we will tell you how to track your application status, and how to search for plot Information via query number. We request to you please read this article to the end.

As you know, If you want to buy or sell land in West Bengal then it is necessary that you will verify the land records. With the help of the website portal, You can easily get information about the land, land area, land type, owner’s name, etc. 

What is Banglarbhumi Portal?

This portal is launched by the Government of West Bengal. It has all the information about the Land and Land Reforms, Refugee Relief, and Rehabilitation Department. If you want to buy or sell land, this portal will help you to get complete information, which you need to know first. Such information also includes plot number, owner name, property value, land type, land area, and current owner. Banglarbhumi protects the rights of the owner of the land. Also, You can save time and money using this portal.

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Benefits of Banglarbhumi Portal

  • With the help of this portal, your land records are safe and secure.
  • This portal will help you to get a loan from a bank.
  • You can check your land record at home using a mobile/computer.
  • It can be used to check the ownership of land, type of land, value of land, etc.
  • During the land sale and buy, you can verify land records at that time using a mobile/laptop/computer.

How do I sign up for Banglarbhumi?

Now we are going to information about how to register in this portal. and you can follow the given below steps to get registered in this portal.

1. Go to the official website of property details of West Bengal – Click Here

2. After successfully opening the page, You will click on the Sign-Up button as shown in the below picture.

3. Now enter all details in the given Public Registration Form. After filling in all the details, you will click on the submit button.

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How to log in to the official portal as a Citizen user?

If you belong to West Bengal or you want to login to the official website as a citizen so follow the given below steps.

1.  Firstly, you will go to the official website –

2. Now you will click on Citizen Services Tab.

3. Now you enter your username and password and captcha code. 

How to find land records on the official website with Khatian or plot information online?

If you want to see your land record through the official website of Banglarbhumi so you should have Khatian No. & Plot No.

1. Visit the Official Portal of West Bengal State- Click Here

2. Now click on the “Know Your Property” which is shown in the given picture.

3. Fill in the required data, Katian No. & Plot No., enter the captcha, and click the “View” button.

What is Khatian no & DAG no?

DAG no means a register. Every plot of land is assigned a number which is written according to the serial number of the village fields. The Khatian number is the serial number of land records in the BLRO register. When the villagers are allotted land with the BLRO, the rural land is identified with the Khatian number on that land. The plot number is the number allotted to the plot of land when muted in municipal records.

What is Porcha in West Bengal?

Porcha is a document we can say in legal terms as Records​ of right (ROR). ROR document is related to particulars​ of Mouja, JL no, CS/RS dag no, Khatiyan no. If a mutation of the property has already been completed, Porcha can be obtained from the BLRO office. Otherwise, the mutation is to be done failing which Porcha will not be updated.

How to search your plot information via Query Number?

if you have Query Number & Query Year then you can get easily your Plot information using the given below few steps.
1. Go to the official website portal – Click Here
2. Now you will open the Query Search Tab.
3. In this Step, you need to enter the Query Number & Query Year & Captcha Code. After that, you will click on the Show button.
4. Now you can see your detail on the computer screen and we suggest you please take a print of your details for future reference.
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